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About Us - BiblioTech, Inc.

In June 1992, BiblioTech, Inc. was founded by L. Brian MacLachlan and Lucia Cardoso MacLachlan as a company dedicated serving academic, corporate, and public libraries, Archives, Museums and other prestigious institutions, BiblioTech, Inc. is a nationally recognized firm that has been successfully and continuously executing Library Relocation and Support Service Projects for the past eighteen years.

BiblioTech Inc. provides its customers with the optimum blend of experience in the areas of librarianship, large scale relocations, and construction/renovation/space planning. L. Brian MacLachlan, has been involved in the relocation and library support industry for over 28 years.

BiblioTech has enjoyed steady growth from our start in 1992.  BiblioTech is unique in its ownership and use of BiblioPlanTM Relocation Software, developed over the last fourteen years, as a comprehensive database program specifically designed to address the inventory, space planning, and project scheduling needs of Professional Librarians in executing large-scale projects in the Library Environment.  This software has been instrumental in our ability to successfully execute the most complex projects in our industry.

In addition to being a Connecticut based, Small Business S-Corporation, BiblioTech, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We have earned the respect of prestigious Colleges, Universities, and Federal/Public/Private Institutions throughout the country and pride ourselves on being the Standard of Excellence in Library Planning and Relocation.



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